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Around 1923 the Witter Family decided to hand over the metalwork side of the business to Francis Olney & Tom Newbury. These two men were two of the first apprentices to train with “The Ickleford Industries of Applied Arts”.

In the early days of their business Olney & Newbury used the stamp on the left on their work. After some time the stamp was changed to say ‘Hand Beaten, Olbury, English Made’ and it has been suggested that this became their trademark, Olbury being a contraction of Olney and Newbury. [We received confirmation of this in July 2012 by a descendent of Walter Witter].

We are gathering together photos found on the internet of items shown in the Olney & Newbury catalogue. There is a clickable link under the catalogue pages where we have examples. If you know of other examples please contact us.

Source: Vin Calcutt (oldcopphttps://oldcopper.org/er.org)
Source: Vin Calcutt (oldcopper.org)

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